The 14K White Gold 2.53ct Lab Growing Diamond. This exquisite gem is a true testament to the brilliance of lab-grown diamonds, combining ethical sourcing with unparalleled beauty.

Certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), this diamond boasts a remarkable set of credentials. The F color grade signifies a near-colorless stone, radiating a pure and dazzling brilliance. Complementing its color, the diamond exhibits VS clarity, attesting to the remarkable lack of visible inclusions or blemishes. This combination ensures a diamond that sparkles with exceptional fire and scintillation, making it a truly mesmerizing focal point.

Set in a lustrous 14K white gold setting, the metal complements the diamond’s brilliance, creating a harmonious and timeless aesthetic. The choice

of white gold adds a touch of sophistication, allowing the diamond to take center stage in all its glory.