This is a beautiful 3 stone certified oval engagement ring. The center stone is 1.20 ct VS1 G Color HPHT. What makes this stone unique is that it is a HPHT stone. This stands for high pressure and high temperature. Not all diamonds receive the correct amount of heat and pressure when in the earth. These are stones that are often very pretty, but if they had been in the earth a few more million years could have been exceptional. That is the case with this stone and luckily we were able to bring it to its full potential by using additional pressure and heat. Now at its full potential we are proud to present this G VS1 1.20 ct diamond and for a fraction of the price. To showcase this amazing stone we have placed two oval 0.60 ct (total) natural diamonds on each side and set the diamonds in platinum. If you are looking for a three stone diamond ring and want a larger more beautiful diamond than this is the way to go!